Kevin Jonas Had An Iconic Tweet About The Original “Disney Trinity”

So remember the golden days back when Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus were just a bunch of Friends for Change on the Disney Channel with a bit of a Jonas problem?

Disney Channel

(Name a more iconic trio, I’ll wait before I write the rest of this post…)

Anyways, obviously all three of them are still fucking slayyyying the game with huge pop hits and tons of adoring fans — including fellow Disney alum Kevin Jonas:

Gotta say this is really interesting and amazing.

LOL it is pretty amazing that all three ladies are right next to each other on the iTunes chart. It’s pretty much the next best thing to taking a time machine back to 2008.

Disney Channel

Leave it to the only Jonas Brother that literally none of them dated to notice this iconic *moment*.

Disney Channel

Good job, Kev!



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